Workshop and Seminars

  • A Memory of the World workshop and various support activities were conducted by Ray at the National Historical Institute, Jesuit University, Managua, Nicaragua (2003)

    Ray Edmondson conducted a one-week staff workshop on a range of topics conducted at the Hong Kong Film Archive (2003). Participants included staff from other government agencies and the Hong Kong library service.
  • Ray served as a resource person at the UNESCO Memory of the World regional workshop on digital archiving held in at the SEAMEO Centre in Manila, Philippines, in January 2004. Subsequently, through the Probe Foundation, he participated in a further workshop on digital archiving in Manila in December 2004. Participants came from countries across the Asia Pacific region.
  • “Ya Pele” – “the first of its kind” – was a one-week FIAT/IASA archiving workshop held at the South African Broadcasting Corporation in Johannesburg, attracting approximately 160 participants from across southern and eastern Africa. Ray gave several presentations at this event. (2005)
  • Ray Edmondson gave a one-week seminar and workshop on archiving issues at the National Library of Venezuela, Caracas, to an audience of some 150 participants from many organisations. The program included a range of institutional visits. (2002)
  • In conjunction with the Primer Seminario Internacional/ Los Archivos Sonoros y Visuales en America Latina conference in Mexico City, Ray co-presented a three day workshop on the socio-cultural value of audiovisual archives. Australia’s National Film and Sound Archive was examined as a case study (2002)
  • Ray served as a resource person at a meeting of the heads of national archives in Southern and Eastern Africa, held in Harare, Zimbabwe, to review the situation of audiovisual archiving in the region. The event was organised by the Nederlands Filmmuseum. (2002)
  • For an intensive bi-lingual week, Ray Edmondson conducted a seminar on the philosophy of audiovisual archiving at the Cinemateca Brasiliera, São Paolo, Brazil. It was attended by senior staff of the Cinemateca and participants from other cultural institutions. (2005)

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